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Skydive Monkey Head and CANBASE school present the most complete BASE course in México and Latin America. Steven Smily Janz, our BASE instructor, has more than 900 BASE jumps around the world. His experience together with the Mezacala bridge and BASE rigs that we have, make of this course a challenging experience that a Skydiver will never forget.
About our instructor. I made my first BASE jump in 1993, the feeling I got was insanity when I jumped and serenity when the parachute opened .My most memorable jumps are being a part of an expedition to Angel Falls in Venezuela in the year 2000 organized by AERIAL FOCUS and was the second person in the world to fly a wing suit off it,14 jumps into Sotano De Las Golondrinas in Mexico organized by AERIAL EXTREME, wing suit boogie in Norway also
organized by AERIAL EXTREME, wingsuit jumps into the Grand Canyon organized by APEX BASE, the Royal Bank downtown Vancouver, being a part of these expeditions with these high caliber companies and the many BASE jumpers that I have learnt from in the last 28 years completing 955 BASE jumps
has given me the knowledge and confidence to pass onto others. Steve”Smiley”Janz CANBASEaprenderás a cómo cambiar la altura de tu vuelo con movimientos del cuerpo y además, entrará junto a ti para estar al pendiente de que mantengas la posición correcta de tu cuerpo, así como brazos y piernas.
¡Podrás volar sólo! no estarás atado al instructor mientras él controla todos los movimientos.

Mezcala Bridge

The Mezcala Bridge (also known as the Mezcala-Solidaridad Bridge), is a cable-stayed bridge located in the state of Guerrero. It spans the Balsas River (known locally as the Mezcala River) close to the western Pacific coast of the country. This bridge, with a total length of 891 m (2,923 ft) and total height of 331 meters, JUMPABLE (524 ft) 160 meters.

What our instructor think about the bridge: MezcalaMezcala bridge is a great place to do your first BASE jump, the exit point is very comfortable and is easy to access, it is 160 vertical meters from the road deck to the bottom, you have 360degrees of clear space after opening , the landing area is big, the wind is generally quite calm, the weather is hot, after landing it is a short easy walk to the pick up vehicle then a 15 min drive back to the top, the weather is pretty much guaranteed to be nice all year.


Day 1

-Payment 750usd includes 2 nights accommodation at DZ
-Introduction to BASE course
-Explanation of gear
-Inspection of gear
-Gear check
-Talk about site evaluation

-View videos of exits
-Practice exits on simulator
-Review malfunctions
-Talk about heading control
-Talk about canopy control
-Talk about landing patterns & view videos
-Landing review
-Question period
-Ground school will take all day
Day 2

6am leave drop zone
7:20 arrive at bridge
7:40 view landing area
8:00 back at top of bridge
8:45 PCA jump
9:30 back at top of bridge
10:00 view  video
11:30 finished packing
12:00 jump hand held go and throw
12:30 back at top of bridge

1:00 view  video
2:30 finished packing
3:00 jump hand held 1 sec delay
3:30 back at top of bridge
4:00 view video
-Talk about landing patterns & view videos
-Landing review
-Question period
-Ground school will take all day

Day 3

6am leave drop zone
7:30 jump hand held
8:00 back at top of bridge
8:30 view video
9:30 finished packing
10:00 jump hand held 2 sec delay
10:30 back at top of bridge
11:00 view video
12:00 finished packing

12:30 jump hand held 2 sec delay
1:00 back at top of bridge
1:30 view video
2:30 finished packing
3:00 jump hand held 2 sec delay
3:30 back at top of bridge
4:00 view video
5:00 back at drop zone
Minimum experience: 200 jumps/skydives
Weight limit: 100 kg.
Age: +18
Good landings/accuracy.
Good attitute and positive ?


The complete course (5-7 jumps), transportation to the object, ground theory and simulators, all for: $750 USD per student. This includes 2 nights accomodation at the dropzone. In case there is only one student, the Price is $850 (the $750 price is for more than one student at a time).

Prices per jump

Gear rental for experienced:
BASE jumpers:
$55.00 USD
$50.00 USD
$50.00 USD Pear pack job
$50.00 USD Gear inspection
on return

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BASE gear

Available in CANBASE school (equipment for rent)

Fox 225

Asylum pin rig
Blackjack 240
Apex DP pin rig
Seven 260
Odessy velcro rig
Ace 280
Odessy velcro rig
Mojo 310
Perigee velcro rig


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